Mansfield, Louisiana


February 6, 2020


The DeSoto Parish School Board met in regular session at the DeSoto Parish School Board Instructional Materials Center, 523 Oxford Road, Mansfield, Louisiana, on Thursday, February 6, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. with the following members present:


Dudley M. Glenn, Dr. Neil Henderson, Donald B. Dufour, Alice Thomas, Coday Johnston, Dale Morvan, Mark Ross, Thomas Craig, Jr., Bobby Boyd, L. J. Mayweather, Jr., and Clay Corley, Superintendent.


            Absent: Jeffrey Dillard


            Item 1:  Call to order


            President Boyd called the meeting to order.  Mr. Corley and Board Members asked to remember Bob Griffin, who has meant so much to high school sports, also others with health issues and families who have lost loved ones.  Mr. Morvan led the invocation and the Mansfield High School JROTC presented the colors and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


            Item 2:  Revisions to the agenda.


            There were no revisions to the agenda. 


            Item 3:  Approve minutes from the regular Board meeting of January 9, 2020.


Motion was made by Mr. Glenn, seconded by Mr. Johnston, to approve the minutes of the January 9, 2020, Board meeting as presented.  The vote was taken and the President stated the motion carried with the following votes – Yes = 10, No = 0, Absent = 1, and Abstentions = 0.


Item 4:  Great News


            Mr. Josh Dahlem, College & Career Readiness Coordinator, introduced Logansport High School student Dawson Walker.  Dawson Walker is the first student in the district and the state to enroll in the electrical training alliance pathway, which is in partnership with the IBEW electrician’s union.  He has now completed the course and scored 80% or higher on all five units.  After he turns 18 years old and graduates from high school, he will go through an interview process and then will be placed as a year 2 apprentice in the union’s 4-year apprenticeship program.  Dawson received a certificate for this great accomplishment, as the first student in the state to successfully complete the course.


            Mr. Corley introduced the four members of the Student Advisory Council and gave a summary of their role during the 2019-2020 school year.  Seniors are selected through an application process after being nominated by faculty and school administration.  They meet every other month with the Superintendent for discussions relative to the school system.  The members are:  Annelise Dixon – Logansport High; Jordan Youngblood – Mansfield High;  Landry Burback – North DeSoto High; and Malaya Rougely – Stanley High.  Mr. Corley presented a stack of customized business cards to each member.


            Mr. Corley introduced Mansfield High School’s JROTC Wolverine Battalion, along with Chief Spencer and 1st Sergeant Holmes.  The Wolverine Battalion’s Unarmed Drill Team recently competed in the 2019-2020 Louisiana State Army JROTC Drill Competition held in Alexandria.  They competed in the open division against 23 other Army JROTC programs, and earned first place state honors for discipline and precision demonstrated in unarmed inspection and unarmed regulation drill.  Each member of the battalion received a certificate commemorating their first place honors.  The members are:  Nikyia Bogan, Derrinaja Booker, Na’Kiya Caldwell, Leterriya Cannon, Keldrick Cooper, Ja’Ky’a Duncan, Alexis Garner, Madison Jones, Briannna Manshack, Jared Moore, Breanna Peoples, Zale Peoples, Tierra Price, Lakendric Richardson, Destiny Walker, Jesse Wilkins, 1st Sergeant Holmes and Chief Spencer.


            Pursuant to the recently passed Act 410 of the Louisiana legislature, framed pictures of the National Motto are to be displayed in each school in the district.  Superintendent Corley introduced members of Women of Prayer United and they presented framed pictures of the National Motto for schools and district offices.


           Ms. Giles introduced members of Operation LEAD class that will complete training in May 2020.

Operation LEAD is a two-year leadership development program to help develop high quality district leaders and administrators. There are approximately 20 applicants per cycle, with 7-8 applicants admitted to the two-year program.  Applicants must be recommended by their principal and have shown leadership among peers.  The Operation LEAD members are:  Josh Grisham, Casey Hamon, Anthony Kennedy, Josh Lowe, Cortney McCall, Karla Renter, Chris Thomas.


            Item 5:  Report of the Budget/Finance Committee meeting held on January 16, 2020.


Motion was made by Mr. Dufour, seconded by Dr. Henderson, to approve the minutes of the January 16, 2020, Finance Committee meeting as presented.  The vote was taken and the President stated the motion carried with the following votes – Yes = 10, No = 0, Absent = 1, and Abstentions = 0. 


            There were no action items to approve from the January 16, 2020, Finance Committee meeting.


               Item 6:  Review and approve bid for new football facilities for Mansfield High School.


            Superintendent Corley introduced Mr. Richard Wilkinson and thanked him for the work he has already done on this project.  Mr. Wilkinson presented bid information for the new football facilities for Mansfield High School for review and approval. He explained that the project was necessary due to the safety issue of a steady decline in the condition of the football grandstands at MHS.  He further explained that this project would be 100%  paid for using Capital Projects funds from the Mansfield district.   Mr. Wilkinson stated that the bid competition was strong and he was pleased that both the base bid, plus alternate 1,  to demo and replace visitor bleachers with new bleachers, were within the budget.


            Mr. Craig made the motion, seconded by Mr. Dufour, to award the bid as presented, to Pat Williams Construction, for base bid plus alternate 1, total contract amount of $1,939,000.00.  The vote was taken and the President stated the motion carried with the following votes – Yes = 10, No = 0, Absent = 1, and

Abstentions = 0.


            Item 7:  Board policies for approval


            Board policies were presented for approval:

            a.   EBBB – School and Student Safety

b.   EBBC – Emergency/Crisis Management

c.   GAE – Complaints and Grievances

d.   GBRHA – Sick Leave

e.   JCDAH – Threats of Terrorism or Violence (DELETE)


Motion was made by Mr. Craig, seconded by Ms. Thomas, to approve policies as presented.  The vote was taken and the President stated the motion carried with the following votes – Yes = 10, No = 0, Absent = 1, and Abstentions = 0.


Item 8:  Board policies for review


Board policies were presented for review:

a.      DFD – Tax and Bond Elections

b.      GAEAA – Sexual Harassment

c.      GBN – Dismissal of Employees

d.      GBRL - Holidays


Item 9:   Comments


Superintendent Corley made the Board and the public aware of the following:


·        It is National School Counselors’ Week and we want to express our appreciation to all of our Counselors – thank a Counselor if you see them this week.

·        Please remember Board Member Dillard, who has the flu.

·        We are doing the best we can to keep our schools disinfected.


Item 10: Adjournment 


On a motion by Mr. Glenn, seconded by Mr. Craig, the Board voted to adjourn at 6:33 p.m.





Bobby Boyd, President                                                                          Clay Corley, Secretary

            DeSoto Parish School Board                                                                 DeSoto Parish School Board