All DeSoto Parish School Board members and employees who incur expenses pre-authorized by budget administrator, in carrying out their authorized duties or students and parents who are on official School Board business shall be reimbursed by the School Board upon submission of a properly filled out and approved voucher.  Such approval must be in line with current budgetary allocations.


All employees who use their private vehicles for official School Board business shall be required to carry liability insurance in an amount set by the School Board to be eligible for reimbursement.  When a private vehicle is used for official School Board duties, mileage shall be reimbursed based at the same rate currently approved by the School Board.  In no case shall an employee be allowed mileage or transportation reimbursement when the employee has been gratuitously transported by another person.


Any employee or School Board member who submits a false or fraudulent travel claim shall be subject to disciplinary action and the School Board shall be entitled to restitution in full compliance with statutory provisions.


The Accounting Manager or his/her designee shall review the reimbursement form and supporting documentation for accuracy and compliance with this procedure, and may request additional information from the traveler or reject any reimbursement request that does not comply with this policy.  Any expense deemed unusual or extraordinary may require expanded explanation.




  1. Lodging - Actual room cost shall be reimbursed.  Room incidentals are not allowable expenses, e.g. internet, snacks, and movies.  If staying in-state a Hotel Exempt Certificate must be used to receive the tax free room rate.  (Louisiana hotel sales tax will not be reimbursed.)  If the room is shared with a spouse, reimbursement shall be based on the cost of room for a single occupancy.  A statement from the hotel should be attached to the travel voucher stating the single room rate.  Tips for baggage handling shall not exceed $1.00 per bag for a maximum of $3.00 for arrival and $3.00 for departure.  (Receipt is required for lodging.)

  2. Meals - Travelers may be reimbursed for meal costs when they are away from home overnight on business up to the following amount for meals (including tips and taxes).  No reimbursement shall be available for meal costs when employee’s travel is within a 90 miles radius of the employee’s place of employment or there is not an overnight stay, unless the employee is away from home because of an “emergency situation” or where a “substantial break from sleep or rest” is necessary.  Receipts are not required.  Number of meals claimed must be shown on the reimbursement form.  If banquet or other meals are included as part of registration fees, those meals shall be non-reimbursable.  Partial meals such as continental breakfasts or airline meals are not considered meals.  Reimbursement for alcohol is prohibited.  If meals for the School Board or the Superintendent exceed these allowances, receipts shall be required.

    Number of meals claimed shall be determined by the following schedule:


  1. Breakfast:  When travel begins at or before 6:00 a.m. on the first day of travel, or extends beyond 9:00 a.m. on the last day of travel, and for any intervening days where meals are not provided.

  2. Lunch:  When travel begins at or before 10:00 a.m. on the first day of travel, or extends beyond 2:00 p.m. on the last day of travel, and for any intervening days where meals are not provided.

  3. Dinner:  When travel begins at or before 4:00 p.m. on the first day of travel, or extends beyond 6:00 p.m. on the last day of travel, and for any intervening days where meals are not provided.


Meal reimbursement rates:




(except New Orleans)

New Orleans

Out of State


$ 9.00












  1. Registration Expenses - Actual costs shall be reimbursed.  (Receipts required)

  2. When available, a formal agenda or program shall be attached to each reimbursement form for all travel outside the parish.

  3. Public Ground Transportation - The cost of public ground transportation such as buses, subways, airport limousines, and taxis shall be reimbursable when the expenses are incurred as part of the approved travel.  For each transaction over $5.00, a receipt shall be required.

  4. No reimbursements are allowed for concerts, dances, golf tournaments, side trips, sightseeing trips and other expenses not required by or related to a conference or a meeting.  Reimbursement for tours to school and school-related projects in connection with School Board business or professional school jobs shall be permitted.

  5. Airplane - When traveling by plane or other public conveyance, actual cost of a ticket shall be used.  Out-of-town trips shall usually be scheduled far enough in advance to permit reservations using coach fares.  Should this fare be unavailable, permission for first-class fares must be obtained from the Superintendent or his/her designee.  (Receipts required)

  6. Personally-Owned Vehicles - When traveling by personal car, the standard per mileage reimbursement rate issued by the Internal Revenue Service shall be used.  The reimbursement rate shall be reviewed by the Business Department at the beginning of each year and updated if necessary.  Transportation expenses between an employee’s home and main/regular place of work are considered personal commuting expenses and shall not be reimbursable.  When two (2) or more persons travel by car, only one mileage allowance shall be permitted.  Total trip expense and reimbursement by personal car shall not exceed total expenses if travel had been by plane.  Exceptions must be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

  7. Rented Motor Vehicles - Written approval by the Superintendent or his/her designee to be reimbursed for the rental of vehicles shall be required not less than five (5) days prior to departure.  Such approval may be given when it is shown that vehicle rental is the only or most economical means by which the purposes of the trip can be accomplished.  Actual cost of the rental plus gasoline shall be reimbursed.  (Receipts required)

  8. Prior Approval Necessary to Travel Outside the Parish - School Board employees' Out-of-Parish travel must be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee prior to making the trip.  A copy of the letter or other document verifying dates and purpose of the meeting shall be attached.

  9. Distance for Round Trip - In-Parish mileage to and from the following sites shall be used.  For other locations, actual mileage applies.


from Mansfield to Logansport and Back


from Mansfield to North DeSoto and Back


from Mansfield to Stanley and Back


from Logansport to Stanley and Back


from Stanley to North DeSoto and Back


from North DeSoto to Logansport and Back



  1. Parking Fees - Travelers using motor vehicles shall be reimbursed for necessary storage and parking fees, ferry fares, and road and bridge tolls.  For each transaction over $5.00, a receipt shall be required.

  2. Waivers - The Superintendent or his/her designee may waive in writing any provision of this policy when the best interest of the School Board will be served.


Approved:  August, 2003 Revised:  November 5, 2015
Revised:   December, 2008 Revised:  March 7, 2019
Revised:  January, 2011  



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:56, 32:861, 32:862, 32:863, 32:863.1, 32:900

Board minutes, 5-7-98, 4-1-99, 11-5-15, 3-7-19


DeSoto Parish School Board