The DeSoto Parish School Board shall contract with a health care provider for health, hospitalization, and life insurance benefits for its eligible employees, retirees, and/or their spouses and children.  The School Board may pay any portion of an employee's premium it so designates.   Employees and retirees shall be responsible for any portion of the employee’s health care premium not paid by the School Board.


Extended Insurance Coverage


The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1986 and subsequent revisions require that employers offer a continuation of health insurance benefits to employees and their dependents whenever they terminate their employment, or are no longer eligible for insurance coverage.


Whenever an employee is hired, he/she shall be notified of his/her option to continue health insurance coverage for a specified time upon termination.


Upon termination of employment with the DeSoto Parish School Board, or in the event the employee no longer qualifies for health insurance coverage, the employee, his/her spouse, and dependents shall be notified of their option to continue health insurance coverage for a specified time.  The cost of this coverage shall be fully paid by the employee (or spouse, or dependent) and shall be 100% of current premiums.  Documentation of such notices shall be maintained by the insurance department.




The School Board shall use the reimbursing employer method of participating in financing the School Board's share of unemployment compensation as permitted by state law.




The DeSoto Parish School Board shall require personnel within the school district, who use their own vehicles while on official school business during the course of their employment, to carry automobile liability insurance.  The amount of coverage shall be at least that required by state law or a minimum which may be set by the School Board.


Approved:  November, 2003



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