The DeSoto Parish School Board shall require all personnel to follow the school calendar and holiday schedule, during the school term.  The Superintendent, with the approval of the DeSoto Parish School Board shall establish office hours and work schedules outside the normal school calendar as necessary.


Principals and the administrative staff should be in their buildings ahead of students or teachers, and should remain in their buildings until students and teachers have gone from school.  Principals who leave their buildings for any purpose, other than attendance at civic clubs, principals' meetings, going to the administrative offices of the School Board, or other routine business affairs connected with the schools shall secure prior approval of the Superintendent for such absence.


Teachers are expected to be at school at least fifteen (15) minutes before school starts and remain fifteen (15) minutes after dismissal of class in the afternoon.


Teachers shall be expected to assume reasonable duties outside their regular classroom responsibilities as may be assigned by the principal.  These duty assignments may include aspects of student accounting, supervision of students in the cafeteria, halls, playground, or bus loading area during non-instructional periods, and activity sponsorship. When assigned, employees shall be responsible for being at their duty station at the appointed time and remain on duty for the full time of the assignment.  Failure to be on duty at the appointed time and/or remain on duty as assigned shall be cause for a written reprimand from the principal with one copy forwarded to the Superintendent and another copy placed in the employee’s personnel file.




The principal will be responsible for the operation of the school during the summer months.  This includes summer maintenance, financial statements, requisitions, request for services, reports, mail and correspondence, school records and transcripts, and the coordination of the school operation with the School Board.


In order to achieve the most efficient use of personnel at each school, the assistant principals, school secretaries and all other employees will work their required number of days at the discretion of the principal.


The principal shall give the Superintendent a telephone number(s), where he/she may be contacted at any time.  The assistant principal shall be contacted in the absence of the principal as needed.


Approved:  December, 2003



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81

Board minutes, 8-1-79, 10-79


DeSoto Parish School Board