The purpose of school cheerleaders is to create and maintain school spirit among students and faculty.  The principal shall be responsible for administering the cheerleader program.  Individual schools may supplement the following systemwide guidelines with additional procedures which are not inconsistent with enumerated guidelines.


  1. Sponsor - The principal shall assign the cheerleader sponsor from the staff.

  2. Practice for Tryouts - There shall be a minimum of ten (10) hours of mandatory, organized practice before the day of tryouts.  The principal has the authority to excuse participation in these practices if it conflicts with other school activities.

  3. Selection Process - Cheerleaders shall be selected during tryouts with selection based on the following:


Judges Evaluation Score

75% of total

Student's Teacher Evaluations

25% of total


The principal shall appoint a faculty committee to tally results.


  1. Judges - Impartial judges shall be selected from former/present cheer­leader coaches or former/present collegiate cheerleaders, or former high school cheerleaders who have graduated.  There shall be a minimum of two (2) judges with equal racial representation.  The principal shall approve all judges.

  2. Grade Point Average - All students trying out for cheerleader must have a 2.0 GPA for all subjects at midterm of the tryout year.  Failure to maintain the 2.0 GPA shall result in one six‑weeks probation.

  3. Cheerleader Probation - If a cheerleader is placed on probation for disciplinary or academic reasons, the student must attend all required practices and games in uniform and shall be under the supervision of the sponsor.  The cheerleader shall not be allowed to perform, however.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81

Board minutes, 7-9-92, 5-1-97


DeSoto Parish School Board