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No student, unless authorized by the school principal or his/her designee, shall use or operate with exceptions as listed below, any cell phone, camera, video tape recorder, digital recorder of any kind or electronic device, including but not limited to, iPODs, tape players, CD players, MP3 players etc. and their contents, any facsimile system, radio paging service, intercom, or electro-mechanical paging system in any elementary or secondary school building, or on the grounds thereof during instructional school hours of operation. Devices should not be used in any school bus used to transport public school students during instructional school hours of operation.  A violation of these provisions may be grounds for disciplinary action, including but not limited to, suspension from school and/or recommendation for expulsion.  Nothing shall prohibit the use and operation by any person, including students, of any electronic device in the event of an emergency.  Emergency shall mean an actual or imminent threat to public health or safety which may result in loss of life, injury, or property damage.




Exceptions shall be as follows:


  1. Devices required for medical reasons (as noted by a physician) and acknowledged by the principal.

  2. Devices for emergency purposes such as ambulance or fire services (see #3).

  3. Any approved electronic device must have prior approval of the school principal before being used by a student during instructional school hours of operation or on a school bus while traveling to or from school.




The following guidelines shall be followed when a student is found to be using an unauthorized electronic device on a school campus during instructional school hours of operation:


  1. Unauthorized device shall be taken from the student.

  2. Student shall be disciplined (depending on the situation, the student can be suspended or given in-school suspension or after-school detention or recommendation for expulsion.)

  3. The phone number of the device shall be determined; if unable to secure a phone number for the device, the device must not be returned (the disciplinarian shall make every attempt to trace the ownership of the device.)  The Child Welfare and Attendance Supervisor shall be contacted concerning the incident.

  4. Confiscated devices shall not be returned to a student; a parent may pick up the device after appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.  In the event the device is found to be stolen or belongs to someone other than the student, the device shall be sent to the Child Welfare and Attendance Supervisor for further action.




Use and operation shall mean whenever the electronic device is turned on.


Approved:  August, 2004

Revised:  May, 2008



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:239, 17:416, 17:416.1

Board minutes, 2-2-95, 5-1-08


DeSoto Parish School Board