17:1684      Children of school teachers and other school employees; definitions; scholarships for children of teachers and school employees killed or permanently and totally disabled as a consequence of physical assault and battery in performance of duty

  A. Definitions

  As used in this Section, the following words and phrases have the meaning ascribed to them in this Subsection unless a different meaning is plainly required by the context:

  (1) The term "school teachers and other school employees" shall include only persons employed by a parish or city school board.

  (2) "College or university" means any public institution of post secondary education situated in this state, governed by the Board of Regents for Higher Education, Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University, the Board of Supervisors of Southern University, the Board of Trustees for State Colleges and Universities, or the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

  (3) "Room and board charges" means the fee or charge for lodging, quarters or food furnished by a college or university, on its campus, and for which a regular and periodic charge is made to all students availing themselves of such services.

  (4) "Books" means text books, reference books, manuals, and other aids to instruction which are required to be purchased by a student in a given course of study.

  (5) "Semester" means a regularly fixed period of instruction for which credit is given whether a semester, quarter, trimester or otherwise.

  (6) "Child" means the offspring of a school teacher or other school employee or his spouse living in the same household with and dependent upon the school teacher or other school employee, as the case may be, for support and the offspring of a school teacher or other school employee dependent upon him for support, whether or not living in the same household.

  B. Any child of a school teacher or other school employee, when such teacher or other school employee was or is killed or permanently and totally disabled as a consequence of physical assault and battery after June 30, 1976, in the course and scope of the performance of his duties as such, which child is otherwise eligible and meets all of the entrance requirements of a college or university, shall be admitted to such college or university without the payment of any fees for tuition, books or other charges,
including room and board charges, as long as such child meets the academic standards and complies with the rules and regulations of such college or university required for attendance therein as a full-time student. Such exemption shall exist for such child for the number of semesters required of a full-time student to obtain one bachelor's degree offered by such college or university. In addition thereto, such child shall be entitled to a cash grant of $125.00 per semester from such college or university as an allowance for books. Upon approval by the Board of Regents, the Division of Administration shall reimburse the appropriate institution and costs incurred in providing such services for children of school teachers or other school employees killed or permanently and totally disabled.

  In no event shall such scholarship exceed eight semesters, or the equivalent of four nine-months school terms, whichever is longer in duration, for any one child.

Added by Acts 1976, No. 74, Sec. 1.